Reliable, professional, caring people are on staff at Elgin Med-Transport.

Ambulance and medi-van service is about more than just equipment. It’s about the people who care for you and make you feel safe. You want trained professionals to provide a live response to your phone call. Elgin Medi has a representative answering incoming calls 24/7. Trained to listen and understand the needs of the caller, our dispatcher works only for you and sends the right rig to your home, office or medical facility with a dependable ETA (expected time of arrival). Billing services are also taken care of in-house at Elgin Medi to provide the best in accuracy, privacy and efficiency.

Training in medical procedures is foremost, yet teaching staff to treat people with respect is a special focus at Elgin Medi.

Equipment at Elgin Medi is state-of-the-art and exceeds state licensing requirements to best
serve our patients and their families.

“Technology and equipment evolve in the medical transport business,” says president Pat Crawford.

“What remains constant is people caring for other people. Our staff is trained to always put people FIRST!”