Elgin Medi-Transport Celebrates 35 Years of Saving Lives

(Elgin, IL)  June 2012 marks the 35th anniversary in business for private ambulance service Elgin Medi-Transport, Inc. Over the years, the company has expanded operations and embraced the changes in healthcare to provide exceptional advanced and basic life support ambulance and medi-van transport for northern Illinois.

“As we celebrate our 35th year at Elgin Medi, we continue to explore and utilize new technology to transport our patients with the best of care, while delivering the support needed to their families and the medical professionals we serve. Our focus continues to be on advancing technology and maintaining our solid reputation for high-quality patient care,” said Pat Crawford, founder and president of Elgin Medi-Transport, Inc.

Crawford was one of the first certified and licensed paramedics in Elgin in 1974 and continues his active duty on the rigs and in the industry. He founded Elgin Medi-Transport in 1977 after a decade with the Elgin Fire Department.

Elgin Medi-Transport was the first ambulance service in the 1980s to specialize in cardiac care with proprietary service in partnership with a local hospital to transport cardiac patients with intra-aortic balloon pumps. Technology and medication has progressed, and Elgin Medi continues to be on the cutting edge. Today, 12-Lead EKG Monitors capture and transmit cardiac data from every Elgin Medi ambulance. Before the ambulance arrives, twelve key diagnostics of the heart are reported to the ER. Staff and doctors can prepare to meet the ambulance with proper treatment, saving seconds and saving lives.

"Our motto is to treat the patient like a part of your family. With new equipment and training, we can provide the utmost in diagnostic information to assist the cardiac team in planning and delivering excellent care and treatment to the patient. After 35 years, I am very proud we continue to offer advanced life-saving technologies at Elgin Medi,” Crawford said.

Elgin Medi-Transport serves the ambulance and medical van needs for hospitals, senior care centers, medical facilities, organizations and community members. 24/7/365 live in-house dispatch is ready to respond and schedule transportation. In-house billing is convenient with trained staff available to answer complex questions. For more information, contact Pat Crawford at 847.370.8179 (cell) or patc@elginmedi.com.